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Green Gingham Curtains

Put Up Green Gingham Curtains

You should have some things done before even purchasing green gingham curtains. Determining the size and measure of the windows you want to hang them over is a great place to start. Knowing how wide and how long your curtains should be is very important. After all, nobody wants ill-fitting curtains. Make it easy on yourself, just use the most basic way to measure without losing accuracy: a measuring tape. Make measurements of the window and add some extra width and length to your green gingham curtains for more styling options.

After measuring, take some time to look at the room and imagine it with green gingham curtains. If you know your color wheel well, then you’ll know if green will go well with the other colors of you room immediately. If you lack that skill, however, don’t worry. There are a lot of resources that can be consulted regarding color combinations. Green gingham curtains can go well with almost any color, but some common colors that go well with green are black, white, brown, yellow, and blue. Remember that in design your goal is to provide harmony in colors, unless you specifically aim to make a room look too colorful and, as a result, distracting.

Green is in. This is true even for curtains. It is not uncommon to find a window treatment that carries a green and brown scheme. Green gingham curtains are particularly nice when put over wide floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook some greenery or gardens. This accentuates the window and makes the room look larger and more natural, aside from giving it a pleasing view. But green gingham curtains in the kitchen or bathroom are equally nice. They serve as both aesthetic and functional pieces of art. 
Putting up green gingham curtains are easy and fun when you plan beforehand, and know what style you want. Buy them at a store near you or have them delivered to you when you order them online. Green gingham curtains are priced as high as $150 depending on the manufacturer. Decide on curtains that will fit your tastes and your budget.


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