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Pink gingham curtainsPink gingham curtainsPink gingham curtainsPink gingham curtains          



Pink Gingham Curtains

Pretty Pink Gingham Curtains

Pink is pretty. That’s why women of all ages love this color. It is associated with femininity and beauty. Pink gingham curtains are common choices among women when it comes to furnishing and interior design. Take a peek at any little girl’s (or even a grown woman’s) room and you are likely to find the curtains, if not the whole room, in pink.

Aside from being cute and pretty, pink gingham curtains are also easy to design with. They can fit perfectly in a number of color schemes by either adding accents and highlights or giving contrast to other colors.  Common colors that combine well with pink are white, lavender, brown, black, and blue.  Finding pink gingham curtains with white ruffles, blue trimmings, or black linings, is not unusual.

But what makes pink gingham curtains mainstays in designing rooms? It is because these curtains provide a sense of sweetness, romance, and charm. If red means passion then pink means tenderness. This view is shared by almost everyone. Even Chinese Feng Shui holds this interpretation. Psychological studies have yielded results showing that rooms furnished with pink objects such as pink gingham curtains tend to produce fewer feelings of anger and aggressiveness in people. The results of these studies were given much credence to the extent that there were attempts to paint prison walls with pink.
There is a big market for pink gingham curtains and chances are you’re going to find them in any home-furnishing store. The Internet is also a great place to browse and shop for pink gingham curtains. You can get them from various websites. Prices differ and depend on the style and manufacturer. Don’t worry about not finding something you like. With all the different color combinations, patterns, designs, and trimmings, finding pink gingham curtains should be fun and painless.


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